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About us

Sometimes, just sometimes, we don't want the hassle that relationships bring. On one hand they can be exciting because you are meeting and getting to know some new, on the other, they can be restricitive and enduce alot of heartache. The way the world is now, it's far more acceptable to be in loose, casual relations with people that offer you the best bits. and we are finding both men and women are enjoying this more liberal approach.

Shag Finder is exactly that, it gives the very best bits of a relationship, the sex, the fun, the laughter, and removes the stuff that can make us bitter and unhappy. People are single longer, living longer and have more access to a fuller life than ever before. Shag buddies, sex buddies, f buddies, whatever the name you wish to choose, it's what shagfinder is all about. Bring me the fun, bring me the sex and leave the arguments elsewhere.

ShagFinder is clean, good old fashioned sex. Enjoy it.

The Shag Finder Team